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Case Studies

Multiple Zones International, Inc.

 Phase FIVE designed and implemented a series of full-day leadership seminars for all senior executives and managers throughout MZI, a mid-sized company that markets microchip-based hardware and software. The size of the seminars varied from large (80-100) people to smaller groups of 15 -20). PFG facilitators led discussions on current approaches to leadership.


Washington State Labor Council

The Washington State Labor Council (WSLC) initially called Phase FIVE to meet with their executive officers. They presented difficulties they were experiencing with communication throughout the organization, creating a sense of disconnection among their personnel and contributing to a lack of cohesion in their efforts. This impeded the WSLC’s ability to implement unified initiatives, and they feared this was having an affect on the broader labor community.


Northwest Coalition Against Malicious Harassment (for Human Dignity

We were asked to work with one of the Nation’s foremost human rights organizations, having an executive committee of 15 plus a 40-member board that represented organizations from 5 Northwest states. Concurrently we worked with the main staff(s) of the organization, providing executive coaching and consulting to the Executive Director and Director of Operations.



Rebound, a non-profit organization established by the building trade unions in the state of WA to ensure safety and quality compliance by all industrial, commercial, and residential building projects throughout the state, called in Phase FIVE to help with ongoing conflict throughout the organization. The conflict created a split between the executive committee, board, executive director and staff.



Phase FIVE worked closely with Pacifica-Talgo’s CEO, managers, production team leads, and team members to implement a flexible, customer-driven, high-performance team (HPT) structure for this manufacturing company.

The project began with a weeklong intensive training that included everyone in the company. The focus was incorporating high performance team principles and practices, and creating the culture and leadership skills needed to sustain the effort.


Harvard University, Antioch University, Leadership Institute of Seattle, among others …

Executives and managers from profit, government, & non-profit sectors presented real-life cases of leadership challenges confronted in their organizations.

Leadership theory and implementation was taught through experiential methods; a Phase FIVE group facilitator analyzed these cases, and ongoing consultations were provided to leaders, examining their interventions and ongoing strategies.