Phase FIVE has conducted extensive research in leadership, adult development, and large and small group process. This work has contributed to a greater understanding of how to ensure effective delivery of leadership training to executives and managers who come from differing backgrounds and have widely differing ways of understanding (and making meaning of) their work, personal mission and world.

Our research finds that many organizations face challenges that are complex, interrelated, and systemic in nature. These challenges defy conventional approaches that rely on a few experts and old forms of problem solving. Such challenges require that leadership be exercised not only by individuals, but also by groups throughout the organization. To “resolve” the dilemmas, contradictions and other systemic challenges facing the organization involves the work of high-functioning leadership groups that undergo the changes that will later reflect the cultural changes throughout the organization.
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Phase FIVE: Revolution in Thought, Evolution in Practice

Phase FIVE provides leadership advising, consulting, training, and ongoing coaching to executives, executive boards, and leadership teams, creating innovative solutions with clarity and confidence for business, government, academic, and nonprofit organizations.

You are well prepared, have had mentoring, coaching, consulting, off-site leadership training, mediation. Your organization is ready for the next step. You want executive leadership advisors - you are ready for Phase Five. You can operate on a creative edge, innovating together with your team. You hold a clear vision of the future, constructing pathways to get there. You create a dynamic new entity, an entirely new way of being, doing, accomplishing: a generative Phase FIVE group.

Your organization shifts focus from individual personalities and past histories to a far more powerful framework and advanced thinking processes that:

Defines challenges from a new viewpoint

Articulates aspirations and central values

Generates new ideas, products, and strategies

Distributes talents, leadership, and executive functions and capabilities throughout the organization

Adds value to your company's profits and offerings

Allows you to see where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there